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Questions to Ask a Central Vacuum Service Before Having One Installed

Heard good things about central vacuum cleaners but not sure whether they would be a good fit for your home, requirements and the budget you have available? Don't worry, these issues are often raised when potential clients from Toronto, Thornhill and Richmond Hill contact us for more information and we're only too happy to answer these questions. Let's face it, we wouldn't really run a very good central vacuum service if we weren't! Below we've listed a few of the top questions that we receive prior to an installation and whichever central vacuum service that you opt to use, you would be wise to ask them as many questions as you require before you commit to buying the system.
The Most Frequent Questions Our Central Vacuum Service Get's Asked
We are committed to educating our clients as much as we possibly can so that every decision they make is well informed.  Here are a few of the most common:

  • What Will a Central Vacuum Cost? - It's impossible to provide a generic answer to this as it depends completely on your property and requirements, and each central vacuum service will likely provide you with a slightly different quote. Factors that will affect this quote are the type and number of inlets, as well as the quality of the vacuum unit itself and the type of accessories that you select to complement it.
  • Can These Systems Be Installed in Existing Homes? - You don't have to be building your dream home to have one of these systems fitted; a central vacuum service is able to retrofit any home, and the core structure of the property won't need to be modified significantly. Often closets, pantries, basements, interior walls, soffits and return air ducts are utilized, and the installation contractor will run the necessary pipes and wires through these areas.
  • Where Should I Position My Inlets? - This is an important design consideration and we always advise anyone that contacts our central vacuum service to consider placing them in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, since these areas often generate the most dust and dirt. Living rooms and kitchens are often prime examples, although they should be positioned well clear of any doors or furniture in the room.
  • How Many Inlets Should My Home Have? - This will depend on whether you opt for a traditional 30-foot hose or a more innovative Hide-A-Hose. The first option will require you to have an inlet installed to cover roughly 750 to 1000 square feet of living space, while the second option will cover up to 3000 square feet on average per inlet. By dividing your home's total living space by these figures you can work out how many inlets you require.

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