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Central Vacuum Repair

In recent years more and more people have started to abandon the more traditional mobile vacuum units in favour of central vacuum systems. They are not necessarily a new concept, but as mobile units have become increasingly technologically advanced, the difference in price between mobile vacuums and central vacuum systems has shrunk significantly and there's no longer the gulf there once was. On top of that, central vacuums offer a whole range of advantages including their ability to ensure the air in your home is cleaner, they offer a superior level of power, a reduced level of noise when the unit is in operation and the sheer convenience of not having to walk around your home struggling with the weight of your vacuum.

However, for all of the benefits that central vacuum systems offer, they aren't immune to problems and sometimes central vacuum repair may be required. Amati Home Systems Ltd. has been installing, repairing and maintaining central vacuum systems for over 15 years and serves the areas of Toronto, Richmond Hill and Thornhill.

Problems that Indicate You Need Central Vacuum Repair

While central vacuum systems generally require less maintenance than traditional mobile units and don't breakdown nearly as much, you still may need the help of a central vacuum repair service at some point. If you notice any of the following problems call Amati Home Systems Ltd on 905-882-9898 to speak to one of our repair technicians.

  • Your Central Vacuum Won't Power On - While other problems may simply inhibit performance, this is a more pressing issue. If your central vacuum won't power on, the first thing to do is to check both your home's circuit breaker and the vacuum's circuit breaker to see whether anything has been tripped. If you notice nothing unusual, contact our central vacuum repair team for further assistance.
  • Suction is Minimal to Non-Existent - Suction is obviously a key feature that allows the vacuum to do its job, so should this be affected it's an issue that can seriously affect performance. It could be caused by a blockage in the hose or be due to the "bucket" not being seated properly. It could also be due to one of the vacuum's motors not functioning properly or because the filter needs replacing. If there are no obvious signs of what is causing this problem, contact us immediately for help.
  • Your Central Vacuum Won't Power Off - If you've been using your central vacuum and you can't get it to turn off, this likely means that either the two 24 volt wires are touching each other at some point in the system, there's a faulty air inlet valve or the printed circuit is defective. These are not issues you can or should attempt to repair yourself; instead call Amati Home Systems Ltd. for professional central vacuum repair.
  • The PVC Piping is Damaged - This is actually another cause of loss of suction and will seriously harm the performance of your central vacuum system. The section of pipe that is damaged needs to be removed and replaced by a new piece. This needs to be done properly though, otherwise further complications could arise afterwards.

If you are experiencing one of the problems outlined above or any other problem that is affecting the performance of your central vacuum, contact Amati Home Systems Ltd. for the best central vacuum repair service in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Thornhill.

If you are interested in central vacuum repair and you live in Toronto, Richmond Hill or Thornhill, contact Amati Home Systems Ltd.