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Amati Home Systems' services include Central vacuum service and repair for Electrolux, Nilfisk, and Eureka vacuums in Toronto & Richmond Hill

Central vacuums are immensely popular in Toronto and Richmond HIll largely because they require very little maintenance when compared to some of the more traditional types of vacuums. However, it's important to avoid confusing "minimal" maintenance requirements with "zero" maintenance requirements, as if the condition of your central vacuum isn't checked on a regular basis, it will likely deteriorate to the point that it will no longer function effectively and central vacuum repair will be required. This is why we always tell a client that has a new system installed, that an annual central vacuum service is highly recommended to ensure their system continues to function at optimum capacity.

Three Reasons Why an Annual Central Vacuum Service is Necessary

Just because your central vacuum system is working great today, doesn't mean it will be tomorrow or next week, or this time next month. Many people disregard the importance of annual services for products they buy, considering them as "just another expense" but they truly do represent great value for money. Here's why you should book a professional central vacuum service in Toronto each year:

  • Health of Key Components - While there are minimal "moving parts" (namely the electric motor) in the makeup of a central vacuum system, the condition of these parts need to be checked on a regular basis, as over time the wear and tear inflicted by regular use will have an effect. A central vacuum service ensures that this check is done once every 12 months, and if core components need replacing, the maintenance technician will do so to ensure the chances of an inconvenient breakdown remain minimal.
  • Resolve Existing Issues - Very often, even when your central vacuum is damaged, it may still be able to function at a limited capacity, still allowing you to clean your home. This may have prevented you from calling a central vacuum repair service, but these are issues that need to be addressed at one point or another before the system completely "gives in." During the course of a central vacuum service, the maintenance technician will strive to optimise your system so it performs as well as it possibly can. This may involve adjusting the position of some components, thoroughly cleaning them or replacing them altogether.
  • Ensure it's Safe to Use - While you're not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning like you potentially are with gas powered equipment, it's important to have an annual central vacuum service to ensure that there are no loose wires or hazards that could put you or your family in danger.

Tasks that Form a Key Part of an Annual Central Vacuum Service

In addition to assessing the condition of the components at the "heart" of your central vacuum, our technician will also ensure that standard maintenance tasks have not been overlooked, as failing to complete these can also have an effect on your system's performance.

  • Checking Condition of Waste Bags - With a built in system these only need to be emptied very infrequently, but if it is full, the suction of your vacuum could be affected.
  • Checking Condition of Filters - Filters are bound to get messy since their job is to filter out waste, but once they get completely clogged up this can start to affect the efficiency of your system.
  • Inspect Vacuum Hoses - For optimal performance, your vacuum hoses need to be in perfect condition; the presence of holes or tears will affect their ability to suck up your waste.
  • Check the Exhaust Vent - Over a lengthy period of time dirt will accumulate at the exhaust vent and the system may no longer be able to dispose of particulate as efficiently as it should.

For an annual central vacuum service in Toronto & Richmond Hill check with Amati Home Systems Ltd.