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Indoor/Outdoor CCTV / DVR Systems For Your Home or Commercial Properties

Remote CCTV Monitoring
Surveillance Systems Advantages

    • Enhanced CCTV monitoring -24 X 7 X 365
    • Reduced costs and false alarm rates
    • Simultaneous playback, record & archiving
    • Free from physical assaults
    • Emergency & Accident management
    • Monitoring your indoor and outdoor permission anytime


CCTV / DVR systems are ideal solution for effective low cost monitoring. Whether it's a home, retail store or commercial properties, 24/7 surveillance is one of the most reliable protections against burglars or thrifts.

CCTV Monitoring Surveillance Systems is an integral part of every business monitoring as even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. It provides CCTV Monitoring solutions with in-depth monitoring expertise, innovative methods and reliability that can make your business secure against danger.

At Amati Home Systems Ltd., we have the technology and the expertise to design, configure and install surveillance system for your specific needs....

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