Amati Home Systems Serves Toronto & Richmond Hill with Central vacuum repair & service for Electrolux, Nilfisk, and Eureka vacuums

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We specialize in central and portable vacuum cleaners including Electrolux, Nilfisk, and Eureka brand vacuums, our other products and services include Circuit Close TV, Intercom and Video Door systems for residential and commercial properties. No matter what type of vacuum system you use or whether it be Electrolux, Nilfisk or Eureka, Amati Home Systems can service it. We do our service on location, and are ready to come to your residence or business to serve you.

Central vacuum service and repair in Toronto & Richmond Hill

Central vacuums are immensely popular in Toronto and Richmond Hill largely because they require very little maintenance when compared to some of the more traditional types of vacuums. However, it's important to avoid confusing "minimal" maintenance requirements with "zero" maintenance requirements, as if the condition of your central vacuum isn't checked on a regular basis, it will likely deteriorate to the point that it will no longer function effectively and central vacuum repair will be required. This is why we always tell our clients in Toronto & Richmond Hill that has a new system installed, that an annual central vacuum service is highly recommended to ensure their system continues to function at optimum capacity.