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About Us

We are specializing in central and portable vacuum cleaners,
Circuit Close TV, Intercom and Video Door systems for residential
and commercial properties for over 15 years.

We are the systems experts!
Amati Home Systems Ltd. specializes in vacuum systems, home theatre systems, home alarm systems and home automation systems for over 15 years. Amati Home Systems has always been and will be your best choice for the sales, service and installation of various home systems.

Modernization and technology helps us to save our time, make living easy, and at the same time keep our place secure. For that, our homes and workplaces are fitted with all kinds of hi-tech gadgets and devices. Amati Home Systems Ltd., a systems expert for more than 15 years solves all your systems needs and requirements, with its technical expertise and rich experience.

Amati Home Systems Ltd. saves you your valuable time with its Home Automation System that lets you control and automate your place.

Putting the right system together
for you!



The Central Vacuum System from Amati Home Systems Ltd. also helps you keep your place clean with Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories.

Concerned about the security of your place, Amati Home Systems Ltd. delivers security solutions in the form of home alarm systems. It comprises of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, environmental sensors, and electronic digital security system.

If you are considering the perfect entertainment, then you can enjoy the Amati Home Systems Ltd. Home Theatre System that turns your place into a cinema theatre.

Whatever be your systems demand, Amati Home Systems Ltd. is the ultimate choice. We not only sell the systems, but also install them, and provide our expert service for years to come.



Our Services -
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  • Authorized Service Depot
  • Installation & In-House Service
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Sales & Service
  • Parts & Accessories

Alarm Systems

  • Security Systems
  • Recording CCTV
    (Camera Systems)
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Sales & Service & Installation
  • Intercom
  • Video Door

Home Theatre Systems

  • Home Theatre & HDTV Set up
  • Audio Installation & Roughing
  • Custom House Experience
  • Wiring for Residential & Commercial Projects


  • Customized CCTV Systems
  • 24/7 Surveillance monitoring
  • DVR recording
  • Residential and commercial
  • indoor and outdoor