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A Healthy Home

Air pollution is a modern phenomenon that threatens everyone in industrialized society. It even threatens us where we think we are safe, in our homes. Unhealthy indoor air is presumed to cause or aggravate up to 50% of all illnesses, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The right portable or central vacuum can improve air quality by 60%.


Poor Air Quality

Some indoor residential environments are 100 times more polluted than outdoors. An entire industry has been created to clean up indoor air. With this decline in indoor air quality comes numerous negative health effects. The most obvious effect is asthma; which has been rising steadily at about 6% per year for the last generation.


Allergies in the Home

Our homes are filled with allergens. Carpets act as a reservoir for allergens and toxins. Although carpets help to newtralize many particles that easily circulate from a hard floor, we have to make sure that allergens and toxins are regulary removed by vacuum cleaners. Choosing the right vacuum for your type of floors and keep your house dust free.



Fact About Filtration

Mosy vacuums remove mostly visible dirt, so that our homes look clean. The reality is that less expencive vacuums lift smaller, harmful particles up from the floor, and blow them into the indoor air where they are breathed. Not all vacuums can stop mostly invisible dust.


To reduce the effects on allergies and asthma caused by the allergens in dust mite droppings consult Amati Home Systems professionals who will help you choosing the right vacuum.
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