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Ever wondered what the most fascinating experience is when you watch a movie in a cinema theatre. Undoubtedly, it is the superb sound emanating from the speakers in the theatre and reverberating all around us.

Allow Amati Home Systems Ltd., to bring the same exhilarating experience to your place, with their home theatre systems. We supply any latest brand of home theatre systems, and perfectly set them up using our installation expertise and personnel.

We also help you plan the best surround sound system to suit your room, according to your budget, choice, and needs.

We can customize the installation of your home theatre system as per your requirements, whether you like to have the speakers installed on the ceiling, walls, or have them free standing. We offer invisible installations that smartly hide the wiring of your digital video and sound systems.

Our installation experts also mount your LCD, Plasma, or HDTV, and hook them up in a perfect setting. We promise to deliver the fascination of cinema at your home or workplace, and make your room sound the best it can.

Get the quality home theatre installation and service, with a true cinematic experience promise from Amati Home Systems Ltd.


3 Speakers Set-Up
6 Speakers Set-up