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Why You Should Definitely Consider Having a Central Vacuum Installed at Your Home

When you own a conventional vacuum, dust and dirt may seem like just a normal and inevitable part of your home. Many homeowners don’t even know there’s an alternative to the heavy, loud, corded vacuum they’ve been using for their whole lives – but there is. Easy-to-use, convenient central vacuum systems are the only way to clean for the busy modern family.


What is a Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum systems are a series of vents and tubing that runs throughout your entire house. A series of vents are placed in your home and, using a lightweight hose and power brush, you can easily sweep dust, dirt, and debris into the inlets where it ends up in a trash receptacle in your garage or basement. Believe us, it’s even easier than it sounds. Inlets can either contain a power brush that helps you to suck up dust or have an automatic dustpan that allows you to sweep dust into it with a broom. Homeowners in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and Toronto agree – once you invest in a central vacuum, you’ll never go back to portable vacuums again.

Central Vacuums: An Essential Home Appliance

  1. Unparalleled Convenience Unlike heavy portable vacuums that you need to haul up and down the stairs, tripping over cords as you go, central vacuums go along with your flow. Your power brush is easy plugged into any of the many inlets in your home.
  2. Easy Maintenances Although we recommend annual central vacuum service for optimal performance, your central vacuum requires little-to-no care most of the time. The most important task for homeowners is to change filters when needed and empty bags when full, which is only about once every three months. With only a few movable parts, central vacuum repair is a breeze. Replace or clean the damaged part, and it’s good as new.
  3. A Better Clean Central vacuums are more powerful than standard portable ones. In fact, the motor is three to five times more powerful, picking up pesky pieces that your conventional vacuum refuses to clean. The power brush is easily extended to get into hard-to-reach places like corners or shelves for an overall cleaner result.
  4. Healthier Air Unlike standard vacuums that leave dust and dirt to sit inside your waste bins all week, central vacuums properly dispose of all particles, leaving you with clear, healthier air with fewer allergens.
  5. Less Noise Because the motor is located in an out-of-the-way place like your garage or basement, central vacuums are much quieter than their conventional counterparts, meaning fewer headaches, less shouting, and no scared pets hiding under the couch.
  6. Added Home Value Installing a central vacuum system increases your home’s value by an extra $2,000. A central vacuum will definitely help to make a great first impression on potential buyers and will significantly raise your selling price.

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