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The Importance of an Annual Central Vacuum Service

As any Thornhill, Richmond Hill, or Toronto homeowner who owns a central vacuum system knows, these high-performance machines help make cleaning day a lot easier, giving you more time to relax and kick back after a hard day’s work. Unlike when you use vacuums with movable parts, you’ll never have to lug heavy equipment up and down stairs and in and out of rooms ever again. In fact, homeowners rave about their central vacuums. Their high performance and efficiency lulls homeowners into thinking they’ll never again have a care in their cleaning world. Unless you invest in annual central vacuum service to maintain it, however, you could find your investment choking on its own dust.


Why Yearly Professional Central Vacuum Service is Essential to Your Home

  1. To Ensure Safety One of the benefits of central vacuums is that they fill your home with clean air free of dirt, debris, and allergens. For optimal safety, central vacuum service pros will change the filters, empty the dirt canister, replace the bags, and ensure that you and your family are not exposed to carbon monoxide resulting from loose wires or other system defects.
  2. To Inspect Normal Wear and Tear Like any household appliance, central vacuums sustain the normal wear and tear of everyday use. It’s a complicated set of moving parts like motor brushes, electric motors, inlets, hoses, and pipes – any one of which could break down unexpectedly right when you need it most. Professional central vacuum service checks your system’s parts to ensure that they are not on the verge of breaking down, replacing or repairing parts as necessary to prevent any untimely malfunctions.
  3. To Get Advice Your annual central vacuum service appointment is a great time to ask questions about at-home maintenance or how your system works. Service specialists can also provide advice about parts and the newest cleaning technologies on the market.
  4. To Repair Current Problems Even when homeowners notice their central vacuums working at less-than-full capacity, they often delay seeking help. After all, appliance repairs are most likely close to last on a long list of household chores and to-dos. Procrastinating repair, however, just makes the problem worse and could lead to even greater damage down the road or system failure all together. Annual central vacuum service assesses the current state of your system and does on-the-spot repairs for anything from cleaning out blocked pipes to replacing malfunctioning parts.
  5. To Protect Your Investment A central vacuum system adds substantial market value to your home. Its convenience and ease-of-use are a great perk for any home on the market. Protect your investment in your home and in your appliance by ensuring that your central vacuum remains in tip-top shape.

Compared with conventional vacuums, central vacuums require little maintenance or stress. With a little once-a-year care through central vacuums service, your valuable home investment will provide you with an easy cleaning system and a healthier living environment for years to come.


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